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Mike the Uber Driver - How to become an Uber DriverHi, I’m Mike, Uber Driver and Website Creator

I’ve been an Uber driver for two years now. And I’ve collected this data for your benefit, because I had the same questions when I first signed up with Uber — such as: how do I sign up for Uber, how do I get paid and how much can I make with Uber, and what are the Uber approved vehicles?

That’s why I am always working to provide accurate and objective information for you and keep you up to date with the latest Uber news.

Do I Make Money Off This Website?

Yes, we do receive a referral bonus when you sign up to drive if you use my referral link. That’s why I’ve included my referral link throughout this site so you can receive $190 when you sign up and I make a bonus too. But you don’t have to use my referral link. I encourage you to only use it if you feel I have provided you good value and helped you on your journey to becoming and Uber driver. However, for the vast majority of information that you can find here, I don’t receive a cent. It is just free information available to you because I want to be a resource to future Uber drivers.


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